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PDF2Word - PDF to WORD Converter - This application allows to transfer all the text, images, format, layout, etc. from an Adobe PDF document to a Microsoft Word RTF document, maintaining the same distribution and appearance.

The program doesn't need Microsoft Word, Acrobat Reader or else for performing the conversion between documents. It works stand alone and performs all the necessary actions for creating a MS Word document out of a PDF document (including PDF 15 protocol).

It has the capability of transfering only the text part of the documents and forget about the pictures. The program auto-resizes the PDF page to fit the MS Word or user requirements.

PDF2Word can operate in batch mode; convert only the selected pages; suports drag and drop moves; the conversion can be paused (by user requirement) and resumed.

To accomplish batch conversion from an script, the program offers a command line function for just type a known command:

first page number
last page number
zoom percentage
space number between characters
input PDF file name to be converted
output RTF file name to be created
... and more (they are all listed on the Help file)
or call this function from any script.

The application will recognize the original document character set to be applied on the MS Word new document.

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